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SHEN Weiwei



Weiwei Shen Technician of Paleomagnetism Lab

Office B212,Laboratory   building


Email:   sww@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing   AddressState Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Tongji University, 303,   7 Ocean Road, Lin'gang Xincheng, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

Job responsibility


The post is mainly responsible for the use, management and maintenance of 6 instruments in the paleomagnetism Lab. Responsible for the research and developmen of related analytical techniquesand participation in the daily operation and management of the laboratory.

1) Responsible for the normal operation and maintenance of the instruments

Familiar with the operation of the instruments and the skill of the fault detection. The instruments should be calibrated regularly to ensure data quality.

2)Responsible for laboratory routine work and service work

Responsible for sample registration and filling in the experiment log. Responsible for the safety of the Lab, and checking the water, electricity and gas of the laboratory every day.

3) Train people who need to use the equipment

Train the staff and students who need to use the instrument. After the training, strict examination should be carried out. Those who pass the test should be qualified to operate the instrument independently.

4) Scientific and technological innovation

The existing technical methods can,t meet the requirements of the scientific research work, you should establish a new method and ensure that the new method is correct and effective.

5) Other temporary tasks

Work attitude: positive, patient and enthusiastic. There is also a need to assist with other special needs of the laboratory, such as special samples, emergency samples and other conditions.



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