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MA Pengfei



Pengfei Ma  Associate Professor

Office Ocean building 317


Email: pma@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China



2007.09-2011.06China University of Geosciences, Beijing, Geology, B. Sc

2011.09-2016.06China University of Geosciences, Beijing, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Ph.D


2019.01-nowSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, Research Associate

2016.05-2019.01School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, Postdoctoral researcher

Research interests

1.Sedimentary processes of the South China Sea (Oligo-Miocene);

2. Drainage system evolution of the central Tibetan Plateau (Oligo-Miocene);

3. Deposition of source rocks in Cenozoic lake basins


1. Sedimentary response to Oligocene tectonic evolution of the continent- ocean transition zone in the northern South China Sea,(41806053),2019-2021National Natural Science Foundation of China

2. Controlling tectonic and climatic evnets in central Tibet with high-resolution stratigraphy of the Lunpola Basin,17ZR1432400),2017-2019Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai

3. Identification of the Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum in the lacustrine record of the Lunpola Basin, central Tibetan Plateau and its environmental implications2017M610274),2017-2018China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

4. Chemical weathering features of the Oligocene sediments recovered at ODP site 1148, South China Sea, MG20160409),2016-2017Research Sart-Up Fund provided by the State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology


Ma, P., Li, Y., Wang, C., Zheng, L., Lv, D., Zou, Y., Li, S., 2018. Oligocene-Miocene source rocks of the Zhongcang Basin: Implications for hydrocarbon potential differentiation between lake basins in Central Tibet. International Journal of Coal Geology 199, 124-137.

Ma, P., Wang, C., Meng, J., Ma, C., Zhao, X., Li, Y., Wang, M., 2017. Late Oligocene-early Miocene evolution of the Lunpola Basin, central Tibetan Plateau, evidences from successive lacustrine records. Gondwana Research 48, 224-236.

Ma, P., Wang, C., Wang, L., Li, Y., Hu, J., 2015a. Sedimentology and organic properties of lower Tertiary lacustrine source rocks, Lunpola Basin, central Tibetan Plateau: implications for hydrocarbon potential. Marine and Petroleum Geology 66, 1029-1041.

Ma, P., Wang, C., Lv, D., Li, Y., Yi, L., 2015b. Controls on deposition of aquatic and terrestrial organic matter in the lacustrine Namling–Oiyug basin (Oligocene–Miocene, southern Tibet). International Journal of Coal Geology 149, 108-117.

Ma, P., Wang, L., Wang, C., Wu, X., Wei, Y., 2015c. Organic-matter accumulation of the lacustrine Lunpola oil shale, central Tibetan Plateau: Controlled by the paleoclimate, provenance, and drainage system. International Journal of Coal Geology 147–148, 58-70.

Ma, P., Wang, L., Ran, B., 2013. Subsidence analysis of the Cenozoic Lunpola basin, central Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Acta Petrologica Sinica 29, 990-1002.

Wen, Y., Ma, P.*, Ma, C., Li, Y., Hu, B., Liu, Z., 2016. Identifying the Dingqinghu tuff layer along well logs in the Cenozoic Lunpola Basin, Tibetan Plateau. China Mining Magazine 25, 148-153.



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