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ZHU Xiaojun


Xiaojun Zhu  Associate Professor

Office Ocean Building 604


Email: xjzhu@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressRoom 604, Ocean Building, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China




2012.09-2016.04Tongji UniversityMarine GeologyPh.D.

2009.09-2012.06Tongji UniversityMineral Resources Prospecting and ExplorationM.Sc

2005.09- 2009.06Henan Polytechnic UniversityGeological EngineeringB.Sc


2018.12-presentAssociate research fellow, Tongji University

2016.05-2018.12Postdoc, Tongji University

Research interests

Organic?mineral interactions; physicochemical properties of mineral surfaces; organic matter occurrence and mechanism of hydrocarbon generation; occurrence and accumulation mechanism of shale oil and gas; petroleum resources assessment


?2016-2020, Organic-inorganic synergistic evolution of Paleogene source rock and its resource potential evaluation in the Jiyang Depression, funded by National Science and Technology Major Project of China, Key researcher.

?2016-2019, Evaluation of oil and gas resources potential assessment for the Yangtze Depression, funded by National Science and Technology Major Project of China, Key researcher.

?2016-2018, Sequential separation and occurrence characteristics of different mobile organic matter in shale, funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, PI.

?2014-2017, The characteristics and separation of hydrocarbon with different occurrence states in shale, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Key researcher.


1.Zhu, X.J., Cai, J.G., Wang, Y.S., Liu, H.M., Zhang, S.P., 2019. Evolution of organic-mineral interactions and implications for organic carbon occurrence and transformation in shale. GSA Bulletin, in press.

2.Cai, J.G., Zhu, X.J. (co-first author), Zhang, J.Q., Song, M.S., Wang, Y.S., 2019. Heterogeneities of organic matter and its occurrence forms in mudrocks: Evidence from comparisons of palynofacies. Marine and Petroleum Geology 111, 21-32.

3.Zhu, X.J., Cai, J.G., Liu, Q., Li, Z., Zhang, X.J., 2019. Thresholds of petroleum content and pore diameter for petroleum mobility in shale. AAPG Bulletin 103, 605-617.

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5.Cai, J.G., Du, J.Z., Chen, Z.W., Lei, T.Z., Zhu, X.J., 2018.Hydrothermal experiments reveal the influence of organic matter on smectite illitization.Clays and Clay Minerals 66, 28-42.

6.Zhu, X.J., Cai, J.G., Liu, W.X., Lu, X.C., 2016. Occurrence of stable and mobile organic matter in the clay-sized fraction of shale: Significance for petroleum geology and carbon cycle. International Journal of Coal Geology 160, 1-10.

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12.Liu, W.X., Zhu, X.J., Ma, A.L., Cai, J.G., Lu, L.F., 2016. Occurrence of organic matter in different mudstone lithofacies and its influence on specific surface area: A case study of the Paleogene in the Zhanhua Sag. Petroleum Geology & Experiment 38, 1-7. (in Chinese with English abstract)

13.Zhu, X.J., Cai, J.G., 2012. Progress and significance of research on relation between specific surface area and organic matter in argillaceous source rocks. Oil & Gas Geology 33, 375-384. (in Chinese with English abstract)



Awarded Science and Technology Progress Award at Shanghai, 2017

Awarded “Excellent Graduated Graduate Student at Tongji University in 2016”, and travel grant for the Goldschmidt2016 conference from the Tokyo Geographical Society, 2016

Awarded “Guang Hua Scholarship (Ph.D. candidate)”, “Marine geology Scholarship”, and “Pacemaker to Outstanding Student during 2014-2015” at Tongji University, 2015

Awarded “National Scholarship for Ph.D. Candidate” at Tongji University, 2014


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