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Wei Wang   Lecturer  

Office Ocean building 518


Email: 02026@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


2004.09-2007.11Tongji UniversityMarine GeologyPh.D

1999.09-2002.03Tongji UniversityPattern RecognitionPattern Recognition生;

1987.09-1992.07Tongji UniversityExploration GeophysicsB.Sc


2002.03-Tongji UniversityLecturer

1992.09-1999.7Fengxian Experimental Middle SchoolTeacher

Research interests

1. Tectonic-surface process-thermal simulation;

2. Interpretation of geothermometer (Low Temperature Thermochronology, Vitrinite Reflectivity, etc.);

3. Basin structure, burial and thermal history simulation;

4. Parallel computing.


1. Thermal effect of Fault-related folds , 480000 RMB, 2012-2015, Natural Fund Project (41172185).

2. Cenozoic tectonic thermal history of Subei Basin, 2015, 470000 RMB, Wuxi Petroleum Geology Research Institute, Sinopec.

3. TSM 3.0 - Basin thermal regime and multi-source thermal history simulation, 480000 RMB, 2016, Wuxi Petroleum Geology Research Institute, Sinopec.

4. Three-dimensional simulation of tectonic thermal system of extensional basin, 450000 RMB, 2017, Wuxi Petroleum Geology Research Institute, Sinopec.


1.Wang Wei, Zhou Zuyi, Yu Peng, 2005,Relations between vitrinite reflectance, peak temperature and its neighboring temperature variation rate: A comparison of methods, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, V48(6):1375-1383

2.Wang Wei, Zhou Zuyi, 2008, Uncertainties In The Inversion Of Vitrinite Reflectance Profile—A Case Study Of Well Chayuan 1,West Hubei And East Chongqing, Petroleum Geology & Experiment,V30(3):292-301

3.Wang Wei, Zhou Zuyi, 2009, Reconstruction of palaeotopography from low-temperature thermochronological data,Geological Society, London, Special Publications,V324(1):99-110

4.Wang Wei, Zhou Zuyi, Guo Tonglou, Xu Changhai, Early cretaceous-paleocene geothermal gradients and cenozoic tectono-thermal history of Sichuan basin,Journal of Tongji University (natural science)



Structural Analysis of Sedimentary Basins(undergraduate course)



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