Welcome to the School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University

XU Fei


Fei Xu Graduate Student Educational Administer


Office 206, Ocean building


Email: feixu@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China

Job responsibility

1Daily Educational management for graduate student.

(1)Works for new students’ enrollment, including material preparation, reception, registration, student card, and enrollment education.

(2)Assist to make and modify Education Scheme for all majors in the School.

(3)Manage and carry out Education Scheme for all kinds of graduate students, including Master and PhD. Review graduate student’s personal Education Plan.

(4)Process management and evaluation for graduate student, including register and student status management (select class, change class, drop class, retake class, delay exam, make-up exam, archive file, make transcripts, graduate certification, schooling suspension, reentry school, quit school etc.).

(5)Management of teaching progress, including collecting and recording teaching schedule and syllabus, reviewing textbook, coordinating supervisor to class visiting etc..

(6)Daily teaching management, including arranging classes, modifying classes, arranging exams, managing scores, coordinating classrooms, etc..

(7)Evaluation of cultivation process, including Dissertation Topic Selection, Interim Evaluation, Dissertation Periodic Evaluation, etc..

(8)Organize apply for language tests, such as College English Test Brand 4 and 6, and issue certification.

(9)Other management, including transferring supervisor, managing transcripts for external student, participating building and managing with teaching informationalized.

(10)Affairs about graduate student study abroad.

(11)Affairs about educational management with international student.


2Other works related with graduate student education.

(1)Communicate and coordinate between departments of Graduate School and School of Ocean and Earth Science. Transmit notice and policy of education affairs.

(2)Collect and feedback the problems from Education Scheme and teaching status. Monitor and pre-warn the status and process of graduate student study. Participate teaching checking and evaluation.

(3)Works of graduate student enrollment propaganda.

(4)Other educational related affairs form Graduate School and School of Ocean and Earth Science.


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