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Kai Zhong  Senior Engineer


Office   Ocean building B211


Email:   zhongkai@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing   AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping   Road, Shanghai 200092, China



2002.09-2005.12Nanjing UniversityTectonicsPh.D

1999.09-2002.06: Nanjing UniversityTectonicsM.Sc

1991.09-1995.06Nanjing UniversityTectonicsB.Sc


2017.12-now: School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, seismic interpretation engineer and laboratory teaching assistant                                        

2008.11-2016.06: CNOOC and clerical office, affair secretary of exploration department, senior supervisor of the exploration planning

2005.07-2008.10: CNOOC general research institute and exploration research institute, senior engineer

1995.07-1999.08: Shanghai Jianping Middle School, teacher and staff league branch secretary

Research interests

1.Basin structure and petroleum geology analysis

2. Offshore oil and gas exploration


1.长江坳陷油气资源潜力评价(No. 2016ZX05027-001-008, 2016.012019.123.16 millionNational Science and Technology Major ProjectLeader

2.基于南海大洋钻探井震结合的超深水含油气盆地研究(No. 2018YFC0310106),201808-2021.120.5 millionNational key research and development programLeader

3. 东海-黄海海域油气资源评价测试化验分析,2018.09-20191.15 millionCNOOC horizontal projectLeader

4. 中国深水油气资源形势与勘探开发前景,2017.04-2017.120.4 million Ministry of land and resources oil and gas strategy center vertical subjectLeader


1. Zhu Weilin, Zhong Kai, Fu Xiaowei, et,al.The formation and evolution of the East China Sea Shelf Basin: A new view. Earth-Science Reviews 190 (2019) 89–111.

2. Zhong Kai,  Zhu WeilinXue Yongan, et al. Petroleum geologic conditions and distributional features of large-and medium-sized oil and gas fields in Bohai Sea Basin. Oil&Gas Geology, 2019,40(1):92-100.  (in Chinese with English abstract).

 3. Zhong Kai,  Zhu Weilin,  Gao Shunli, Fu Xiaowei. Key Geological Questions of the Formation and Evolution and Hydrocarbon Accumulation of the East China Sea Shelf BasinEarth Science 20184310, 3485-3497  (in Chinese with English abstract).

4. Chen Chunfeng, Zhong Kai,  Zhu Weilin, et al.Provenance of sediments and its effects on reservoir physical properties in Lishui SagEast China Sea Shelf Basin. 2017,38(5):963-972 (in Chinese with English abstract).


2007.11  CNOOC “Science and Technology Advancement Award”


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