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XU Xiaofang


Xiaofang XU Lab Technician

Office   Lingang Campus B212


Email: xxf@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing Address303#, Hai Yang qi Road,   Pudong   district, Shanghai, China

Job responsibility

1Responsible for the normal operation of the XRF core scanning lab: Mastering the principle and operation process of all equipments, including the XRF (X-ray fluorescence spectrometer) and MSCL -S (core integrated test system). Complete the test timely, deal with the data, write the test report. Standardize the operation procedure of the laboratory instrument, and make the daily management rule of laboratory.

2Responsible for the daily maintenance and the improvement of laboratory equipment: Responsible for routine maintenance, based on the measure principle of experimental instruments , strive to improve the experiment measuring precision and experimental method in order to meet the measurement standards and requirements.

3Responsible for daily management and emergency of the laboratory: Receiving and registering the test samples. Making internal management regulation of the laboratory. Be responsible for the emergency, master the reason of each situation and handle it, ensure the complete information of test samples. Maintain a good hygienic environment after each experiment.

4Training teachers and students who need to use the instruments: Training for the one who needs to use the instrument, and the learner can operate the equipment independently only if he passes the strict examination.

5Encourage the test work for external units: On the basis of completing the sample test of the laboratory, actively arrange the test for relevant external units.

6Responsible for the management of core library: Responsible for the management of the core library, including the conventional one and the IODP core, and make the safety management regulations.



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