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CHEN Lingdi


Lingdi Chen Assistant engineer

Office   Lingang Campus A202


Email: lingdichen@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing Address303#, Hai Yang qi Road,   Pudong   district, Shanghai, China

Job responsibility

Mainly responsible for the normal operation of the organic geochemistry laboratory, instrument maintenance, processing and test samples, method development, student management, and the daily work of the team.

1.Maintain and ensure laboratory safety, efficient operation. Keep the laboratory clean; Ensure the safety of laboratory electricity and water, supervise the safety using and storage of gas and reagents in the laboratory; Buy experimental consumables required for the team in time.

2. Ensure the normal operation of instruments. Adjust the state of the instrument to meet the analysis test requirements; Check the state of the instrument, find out the instrument malfunction and repair the instrument; Timely contact professional maintenance personnel to solve complex technical problems.

3. Process and test samples. Pretreatment and analytical of the samples received from units as required.

4. Develop newtest methods. Be able to develop practical analytical test methods for different environmental samples under the requirements. Actively participate in team research projects.

5. Student management. Supervise students' behavior in the laboratory; Instruct students to carry out experimental operation and instrumental analysis; Classify and backup students' instrumental analysis data.


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