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HAO Ting


  Ting Hao    Doctor


Office Ocean technology center   of tongji university B318


Email: tinghao@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


2006.09-2010.06: Shandong Agricultural University, Environmental Science, B.Sc

2010.09-2012.06: Ocean University of China, Environmental Engineering, M.Sc

2012.09-2018.06: Ocean University of China, Marine Chemistry, Ph.D


2018.07-School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, Post doctor

Research interests

1.Marine organic geochemistry


3. Paleoclimate


Applying cycle-scaled magnetostratigraphy to rates of terrestrial input evidenced by lignin records during Eocene and Quaternary: IODP Expedition 367 &368, 09/2017-08/2018, PI: Yang (Wendy) Zhang (Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana), Co-PIs: Ting Hao (Ocean University of China) and James Ogg (Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana).


Ting Hao, Xiaojie Liu, James Ogg, Zhen Liang, Rong Xiang, Xiaodong Zhang, Dahai Zhang, Cai Zhang, Qiaoling Liu, and Xianguo Li. Intensified episodes of East Asian Winter Monsoon during the middle through late Holocene driven by North Atlantic cooling events: High-resolution lignin records from the South Yellow Sea, China. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 479 (2017): 144-155. IF4.409,一区)

Fei Gong, Ting Hao, Yue Liu, Xiaojie Liu, Dahai Zhang, Xiaodong Zhang, Rong Xiang, Qiaoling Liu, and Xianguo Li. Evidence for paleoclimate changes from lignin records of sediment core A02 in the southern Yellow Sea since ~9.5 cal. kyr B. P. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 479 (2017): 173-184.IF2.578,三区)

Guoguang Wang, Jialin Peng, Ting Hao, Lijuan Feng, Qiaoling Liu, and Xianguo Li. Effects of terrestrial and marine organic matters on deposition of dechlorane plus (DP) in marine sediments from the Southern Yellow Sea, China: Evidence from multiple biomarkers. Environmental Pollution 230 (2017): 153-162.IF5.099,二区)

Guoguang Wang, Jialin Peng, Ting Hao, Yao Liu, Dahai Zhang, and Xianguo Li. Distribution and region-specific sources of Dechlorane Plus in marine sediments from the coastal East China Sea. Science of the Total Environment 573 (2016): 389-396.IF4.900,二区)

Zhenhong Sun, Guohui Xu, Ting Hao, Zhe Huang, Hongru Fang, and Gang Wang. Release of heavy metals from sediment bed under wave-induced liquefaction. Marine pollution bulletin 97, (2015): 209-216.IF3.146,三区)

Ting Hao, Guohui Xu, Gang Wang, and Chunyan Zhang. Laboratory flume study on heavy metal release from liquefied sediments. Journal of Ocean University of China 43 (2013): 92-98.


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