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WU Jiawang


   Jiawang Wu   Postdoctoral Fellow

Office Ocean Building 319


Email: jwwu@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


2012.09–2017.12: Utrecht University, Marine Geochemistry, Ph.D.

2009.09–2012.04: Tongji University, Marine Geology, M.Sc.

2005.09–2009.06: Tongji University, Geology, B.Sc.


2018.03- : Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University

2016.09–2017.02: Research Assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University

2013.01–2016.03: Teaching Assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University

Research interests

Mediterranean anoxic events and sapropel formation, and the associated paleo-oceanographic and -climatic processes: precessional control of African monsoon precipitation and associated sources and fluxes of terrigenous detrital inputs (freshwater and nutrients); changes in systematics of seawater thermohaline circulation and the impacts on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation; redox related changes across seawater/sediment interfaces, and early diagenetic alteration of proxies.

Weathering and alteration of Eocene–Oligocene basalts at the South China Sea rifted margin: hydrothermal alternation and weathering processes of basalts from geochemical and mineralogical perspectives, as well as the influences of its weathered products on the provenance of the northern South China Sea.

Paleoceanography of the Western Pacific tropics from geochemical and sedimentological perspectives: precession-dominated tropical precipitation and associated river runoffs; sources, distribution, and fluxes of iron-rich deposition in the equatorial Pacific and iron biogeochemistry; and the source-to-sink processes of the terrigenous detrital materials.


Mediterranean seawater circulation during sapropel periods – reconstructed using Nd isotopes in fish debris and foraminifera. 2019.01–2021.21, 250 k RMB, National Natural Science Foundation of China (41806064), PI.

Weathering and alteration of Eocene–Oligocene basalts at the South China Sea rifted margin. 2018.11–2020.10, 80 k RMB. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2018M640418), PI.

Stratigraphy and paleoceanography of the South China Sea during the Oligocene – Ferromanganese nodule records at Site U1499 of the IODP Expeditions 367/368. 2018.05–2019.04, 50 k RMB, Independent Innovation Program of State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology (MG20180309), PI.

Monsoon evolution and its implications on tropical carbon cycle. 2007.07–2011.08, 3,900 k RMB, National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program) (2007CB815906), Participant.

Source, transport, and sedimentation of terrigenous sediments in the South China Sea. 2010.01–2013.12, 2000 k RMB, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (40925008), Participant.

Tracing deep-water circulation in the South China Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum. 2009.01–2011.12, 520 k RMB, National Natural Science Foundation of China (40876024), Participant.


Peer-reviewed articles:

Wu, J.*, Pahnke, K., B?ning, P., Wu, L., Michard, A., De Lange, G.J., 2019. Divergent Mediterranean seawater circulation during Holocene sapropel formation – Reconstructed using Nd isotopes in fish debris and foraminifera. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 511, 141–153.

Wu, J.*,Filippidi, A., Davies, G.R., De Lange, G.J., 2018. Riverine supply to the eastern Mediterranean during last interglacial sapropel S5 formation: A basin-wide perspective. Chemical Geology 485, 74–89.

Wu, J.*, Liu, Z., Stuut, J.-B.W, Zhao, Y., Schirone, A., De Lange, G.J., 2017. North-African paleodrainage discharges to the central Mediterranean during the last 18,000 years: a multiproxy characterization. Quaternary Science Reviews 163, 95–113.

Wu, J.*, B?ning, P., Pahnke, K., Tachikawa, K., De Lange, G.J., 2016. Unraveling North-African riverine and aeolian contributions to central Mediterranean sediments during Holocene sapropel S1 formation. Quaternary Science Reviews 152, 31–48.

Wu, J.*, Liu, Z., Zhou, C., 2013. Provenance and supply of Fe-enriched terrigenous sediments in the western equatorial Pacific and their relation to precipitation variations during the late Quaternary. Global and Planetary Change 108, 56–71.

Wu, J., Liu, Z., Zhou, C., 2012. Late Quaternary glacial cycle and precessional period of clay mineral assemblages in the Western Pacific Warm Pool. Chinese Science Bulletin 57, 3748–3760.

吴家望, 刘志飞, 周超, 2012. 西太平洋暖池晚第四纪黏土矿物的冰期旋回和岁差周期. 科学通报 57, 2145–2157.

Dang, H., Jian, Z., Wu, J., Bassinot, F., Wang, T., Kissel, C., 2018. The calcification depth and Mg/Ca thermometry of Pulleniatina obliquiloculata in the tropical Indo-Pacific: A core-top study. Marine Micropaleontology 145, 28–40.

刘志飞, 马鹏飞, 吴家望, 2018. 大洋钻探的发展历史. In: 中国大洋发现计划办公室, 海洋地质国家重点实验室-亚搏在线登录入口(Eds.大洋钻探五十年. 亚搏在线登录入口出版社, 上海, 1–49 pp.

Graduate Dissertations:

Wu, J., 2017. Contributions of hydroclimate variability and associated North-African riverine fluxes to eastern-Mediterranean sapropel formation and related seawater circulation. Ph.D. Thesis, Utrecht University (Utrecht Studies in Earth Sciences 146, ISBN 978-90-6266-493-1).

吴家望, 2012. Sedimentology and element geochemistry records in the Western Pacific Warm Pool during late Quaternary and their paleoenvironmental significances. M.Sc. Thesis, Tongji University (Distinguished Graduate Achievement of Shanghai City)


2013–2016: Paleoceanography in B.Sc. level, Utrecht University, Teaching-assistant


2013: B.Sc. Thesis of Jessica M. H. van den Oort, “The distribution of trace metals in the Gulf of Taranto through space and time”, Utrecht University, Co-supervisor


2018: International Introduction Program of Tongji University (Postdoctoral Research Associate)

2012–2016: China Scholarship Council–Utrecht University PhD Program (4 years)

2014: Earth System Science (Chinese) Excellent Graduate Student’s Travel Support

2014: EGU 2014 Excellent Young Scientist’s Travel Award

2013: Distinguished Graduate Achievement of Shanghai City (M.Sc. Thesis)

2013: ECORD Scholarship for Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology

2009–2012: Scholarship for Excellent Graduates of Tongji University (A-class, 2.5 years)

2006–2009:Scholarships for Excellent Students of Tongji University (3 times)


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