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   Li Wu     Post doc


Office Ocean building 318


Email: wuli@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji   University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


2013.09-2017.12: Tongji University, Ph. D in Marine science

2018.09-2011.6: Institute of Oceanography, Chinese academy of science , M. Sc in Marine geochemistry

2002.09-2006.9China university of Geosciences B. Sc in Mineralogy and Petrology


2018.01-Post doc at the Geophysics Post doc station of in Tongji university

2011.07-2013.6staff at the Zhejiang Institute of Engineering Survey

2006.07-2008.06staff at PetroChina Co Ltd.

Research interests

Paleo-oceanography of the Southern Ocean

Signal and image processing and its application in Paleo-oceanography.


Wu Li, Wang Rujian, Xiao Wenshen, Ge Shulan, Chen Zhihua, Krijgsman Wout, 2017. Productivity-climate coupling recorded in Pleistocene sediments off Prydz Bay (East Antarctica). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 485, 260-270.

Wu Li, Wang Rujian, Xiao Wenshn, Krigsman Wout, Li Qianyu, Ge Shulan, Ma Tong. 2018. Mid-late Quaternary deep stratification-climate coupling in the Southern Ocean: Implications for changes in abyssal carbon storageGeochemistry geophysics geosystems. Dio:10.1002/2017GC007250in press

Wu Li, Wang Rujian, Xiao Wenshen, Krijgsman Wout, Li Qianyu, Liu Zhifei, Ge Shulan, Meng Fei, 2017. Late Quaternary dynamics of the Lambert Glacier Amery Ice Shelf System revealed by sediments off Prydz Bay (East Antarctica). (Scientific Reports. In revision).

Ge Shulan, Chen Zhihua, Liu Helin, Wu Li, Krijgsman Wout, Chen Xi, Liu Jianxing, Huang Yuanhui, 2017. Magnetic stratigraphy of sediment cores offshore Prydz Bay (East Antarctic) under Antarctic Divergence Zone for the last 600 kyrs. (Quaternary Research. In review).

Wu Li, Wang Rujian, Xiao Wenshen, Krijgsman Wout, 2017. Deglacial ventilation enhancements in the Southern Ocean revealed by colour reflectance of Pleistocene sediments off Prydz Bay (East Antarctica) (In preparation. In preparation.

Huang Mengxue, Wang Rujian, Xiao Wenshen, Wu Li, Chen Zhihua, 2016. Retreat process of Ross Ice Shelf and hydrodynamic changes on northwestern Ross continental shelf since the Last Glacial. Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology. 36(5), 97-108. (In Chinese with English abstract)

Liu Jian, Wu Li, Wang Rujian et al., 2015 The Mid‐Pleistocene Climate Transition Recorded in a 1.6 Myr‐Period Lacustrine Sediment Sequence from Mazatage, Tarim Basin[J]. Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition). 89(1): 312-313.

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Liu Helin, Chen Zhihua, Ge Shulan, Xiao Wenshen, Wang Haozhuang, Tang Zheng, Huang Yuanhui, Zhao Renjie, Wu Li, 2015. Late Quaternary sedimentary records and paleoceanographic implications from the core on continental slope off the Pryez Bay, East Antarctica. Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology. 35(3). 209-217. (In Chinese with English abstract).

Wu Li. Zeng Zhigang, Yin Xuebo, Wang Xiaoyuan, Che Shuai, 2012. Study on the porosity of a metalliferous sediment core from the East Pacific Rise 13°N. Marine Science, 36(1), 81-86. (In Chinese with English abstract).

Wang Xiaoyuan, Wu Li, Zeng Zhigang, Li Zhaoxue, 2012. Automatic Calculation on the temperature anomaly of a marine hydrothermal plume. Acta Oceanologica Sinca. 33(2), 185-191. (In Chinese with Engish abstract).



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