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YU Yang


YangYu   Assistant Professor


Office Ocean   building 513


Email:   yyu@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing   AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji   University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


2010.09-2016.06Tongji UniversityGeophysicsPh.D.

2013.09-2014.09University of CambridgeEngineeringJoint Ph.D.

2006.09-2010.06Tongji UniversityGeosciences Information and TechnologyB.S.


2016.12 up to the presentTongji UniversityAssistant Professor

Research interests

1. Marine Informatics: marine data acquisition and data fusion, marine knowledge discovery and representation, marine information system

2. Ocean Observation: in situ ocean observation enabled with information technology


1. Sensor Resources Management for Ocean Observatory Networks (18YF1424100), 2018.5-2021.4, Shanghai Sailing Program, Principal Investigator

2. Real-time Multi-sensor Control for Cabled Seafloor Observatories (22120180003), 2018.1-2019.12, the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Principal Investigator

3. Dynamic Data Acquisition for Ocean Observation Sensor Web (MG20180302), 2018.1-2018.12, State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology (Tongji University) Funds, Principal Investigator


1. Yang Yu, Huiping Xu, Changwei Xu, and Rufu Qin. A Study of the Remote Control for the East China Sea Seafloor Observation System. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Vol. 29(8): 1149-1158

2. Yang Yu, Huiping Xu and Changwei Xu. Development of a Plug-and-Play Monitoring System for Cabled Observatories in the East China Sea. Sensors, Vol. 15(8): 17926-17943


Courses:Sensor Information Technology and Application》(undergraduate course

Teaching achievementsNone


2018.3: Shanghai Sailing Program for Young Science Talents

2017.12: Tongji University Program for Distinguished Young Scholars



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