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Hu Wang Associate Professor


Office Ocean building 212


Email: wanghu@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China



1994.09-1998.7Anhui Normal University, Applied Chemistry, B. Sc

2001.09-2004.7Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, Marine Chemistry, M. Sc

2008.03-2011.7Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, Geochemistry, Ph. D


2008.10-School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji UniversityLecturer, Associate Professor

2014.12-2016.2University of Washington/NOAA, USA, Visiting Scholar

2006.03-2008.09Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS, Assistant Research Fellow  

Research interests

(1)Trace metals (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, etc) and their isotopes in the oceans;

(2)Dissolved gases in seawater and hydrothermal system;

(3)Seafloor observatory network and chemical sensors.


1.The iron biogeochemistry in the hydrothermal plume water samples (No. 41376048), NSFC, RMB 700,000, 2014.1.1-2017.12.31, PI: Hu Wang

2.The sediment baseline in the contract area of sulfide source, Southwest Indian Ridge (No. DY125-11-E-04), The international resource investigation and development programme of 12th Five-Year Plan, RMB 2,090,000, 2013.1.1-2015.12.31, PI: Hu Wang


(1)Wang H, Zhou H Y, Yang Q H, Marvin Lilley, Wu J L, Ji F W. Development and application of a gas chromatography method for simultaneously measuring H2 and CH4 in hydrothermal plume samples,Limnology and Oceanography:Methods, 2015,13:722-730

(2)Wang H, Yang Q H, Ji F W, Lilley M D, Zhou H Y. The geochemical characteristics and Fe(II) oxidation kinetics of hydrothermal plumes at Southwest Indian Ridge. Marine Chemistry, 2012,134 (1)29-35.

(3)Ji F W, Zhou H Y, Yang Q H, Gao H, Wang H, Lilley M D. Geochemistry of hydrothermal vent fluids and its implications for subsurface processes at the active Longqi hydrothermal field, Southwest Indian Ridge. Deep-Sea Res. Part 1-Oceanographic Research Papers, 2017, 122: 41-47.

(4)Pan A Y, Yang Q H, Zhou H Y, Ji F W, Wang H, Pancost R D. A diagnostic GDGT signature for the impact of hydrothermal activity on surface deposits at the Southwest Indian Ridge. Organic Geochemistry, 2016, 99:90-101.

(5)Wang H, Zhou H Y, Peng X T, Yang Q H, Qin C M, Yin X J, Chen G Q. Denitrification in Qi’ao Island coastal zone, the Pearl River Estuary, China. Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 2009, 28: 37-46,.

(6)Zhou H Y, Yin X J, Yang Q H, Wang H, Wu Z J, Bao S X. Distribution, source and flux of methane in the western Pearl River Estuary and northern South China Sea. Marine Chemistry, 2009, 117: 21-31,.

(7)Yin X J, Zhou H Y, Yang Q H, Wang H, Chen J. The evidence for the existence of methane seepages in the northern South China Sea: abnormal high methane concentrations in bottom waters, Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 2008, 27: 62-70.

(8)Sun Z L, Zhou H Y, Yang Q H, Yin X J, Wang H, Yao H Q, Dong C F. Growth model of a hydrothermal low-temperature Si-rich chimney: Example from the CDE hydrothermal field, Lau Basin. SCIENCE CHINA-EARTH SCIENCES, 2012, 55:1716-1730.

(9)Zhou H Y, Wang H, Wu Z J, Peng X T, Ren D Z, Huang D, Ma W M. Spacial and Temporal Physical and Chemical Variation Monitoring in Tengchong ReHai Hot Spring Field, Yunnan Province, China. 11th International Conference on Thermophiles Research, Abstract, 2011.

(10)Wang H, Yang Q H, Ji F W, Zhou H Y, Xue Xiang. Determination of tracer gas contents in sediment pore water of gas hydrate area by two-dimensional gas chromatography. Chinese journal of chromatography, 2011, 29:70-74.

(11) A low temperature purge-trap setup for trapping H2, CH4, H2S, CO2 simultaneously. Inventor: Wang H, Yang Q H, ZHOU H Y, Ji F W. Chinese Patent: ZL 200910056350.9, Issued date: June 22, 2011.

(12) A high precision method for measuring anions in seawater. Inventor: Wang H, Ren D Z, Zhou H Y. Chinese patent: ZL 201010590252.6, Issued date: May 1, 2013.

(13) A multi-dimensional chromatography system for analyzing H2, CH4, H2S, CO2. Inventor: Yang Q H, Wang H, Zhou H Y, Ji F W. Chinese patent: ZL 200910056349.6, Issued date: December 7, 2011


Ocean exploration technology(undergraduate course)

Marine geochemical analysis methods and practice(postgraduate course)



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