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ZHAO Yonghui


 Yonghui ZhaoAssociate Professor

Office Ocean building 503


Email: zhaoyh@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and   Earth Science, Tongji   University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai   200092, China


1999.09-2001.07Tongji universitySolid GeophysicsPh.D

1996.09-1999.07Tongji universitySolid GeophysicsM.Sc

1992.09-1996.07Changchun college of geologyExploration GeophysicsB.Sc


2012.01-Tongji universitySchool of Ocean & Earth Science, Associate Professor

2010.12-2012.01The Ohio State University, Electro Science LaboratoryVisiting Scholar

2007.06-2010.12Tongji universitySchool of Ocean & Earth Science, Associate Professor

2003.10-2007.05Tongji universitySchool of Ocean & Earth Science, Lecturer

2001.09-2003.07Tongji universityCivil and hydraulic postdoctoral workstationPostdoctoral researcher

Research interests

Engineering and Environmental Geophysics. Focusing on the cross-cooperation between the theory of geophysical exploration methods and geotechnical engineering. Fully explore the ability of geophysical methods to solve engineering difficult problems, and use geophysical methods to feel the beauty of urban construction.

1. GPR numerical simulation, information extraction, intelligent interpretation. Focus on the system integration research for tunnelgrouting and defect rapid detection

2. Multi-modal surface wave dispersion data inversion, deeply explore the hazard identification ability of the surface wave method in Hydraulic engineering

3. Joint inversion of GPR, surface wave and ERT, to enhancethe positioning ability to the shallow surface target


Current Projects

      1.Reverse time migration of Ground Penetrating Radar in water area based on attenuation compensation and multiples suppression41774124),2018.1-2021.12690000the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

      2. Research on data processing and joint inversion of GPR and Transient Rayleigh Wave to the potential failure zone detection for seawall41374146),2014.1-2019.12700000the National Natural Science Foundation of China

      3.Highway tunnel construction and operation safety assurance and rapid detection and evaluation technology research20162976),2016.10-2018.102000000Yunnan Wu-Yi Highway Construction Headquarters project

      4.Research on Simultaneous Grouting Real - time Detection Technology and Equipment for Shield Tunnel in Boulder Stratum20151567),2015.12-2018.61800000CREG GFHI NNRT project


Completed Projects

1. Ground Penetrating Radar Detection of Underwater Archaeological Survey in the Water Area of Shanglin Lake in Ningbo City20162900),2016.10-2017.1098000Ningbo Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology;

2. Fuqing Nuclear plant 3MX conventional island SEK Pit Equipment Pier detection20172434),2017.4-2017.12162000Fuqing Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

3.Study on Advance Detection of Urban Shield Tunneling Based on Ground Penetrating Radar System20142417),2014.8-2016.730000The scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry

4.Borehole-ground based Electricity Data Processing Technology of Coal methane2011ZX05035-003-006),2011.1-2015.122400000National Science and Technology Major Project

5.Joint inversion of Gravity, magnetic and seismic data2010AA09Z302),2010.12-2013.122370000National 863 Project;

6. Research on High Precision GPR Imaging ofthe Geological Hazards behind Shield Tunnel lining section09ZR1433500),2009.8-2012.7100000the Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai;

7. Radar wave diffusion equation redatuming for complex structure near surface40704023),2008.1-2010.12190000the National Natural Science Foundation of China



1.Hu S, Zhao Y*, Qin T, et al. Traveltime tomography of crosshole ground-penetrating radar based on an arctangent functional with compactness constraints[J]. Geophysics, 2017, 82(3):H1-H14,doi: 10.1190/geo2016-0249.1.

2.ZHANG Zai-yuan, ZHAO Yong-hui*, GE Shuang-cheng. 2017.Electrical resistance tomography for underground diaphragm wall defect based on Bayesian inversion[J]. Progress in Geophysics,32(4): 1868-1874, doi: 10.6038/pg20170463

3. HU Shu-Fan, ZHAO Yong-Hui*, GE Shuang-Cheng et al .2017.Traveltime tomography of electromagnetic waves based on an anti-cotangent compactness constraints[J]. Chinese Journal Geophysics,60(9): 3616-3627, doi: 10.6038/cjg20170926.

4.Zhao Yonghui, Wu Jiansheng and Xie Xiongyao. Ground-penetrating radar measurement of the distribution of thixotropic slurry behind large-diameter segments in long distance pipe-jacking construction[J]. Near surface Geophysics, 2016, 14(2):171-181, doi: 10.3997/1873-0604.2016014.

5. Hu Shufan, Zhao Yonghui*, Liu Yinan. A Passive Surface-wave Detection Experiment Using Wave Velocity Tester [J]. Research and Exploration in Laboratory2016354):9-16.

6.Zhao Yonghui, Xie Xiongyao, Wu Jiansheng. Maxwell curl equation datuming for GPR based on the Kirchhoff integral solution and application in a tunnel grouting test[J]. Near surface Geophysics, 2013, 11(2):211-219 , doi: 10.3997/1873-0604.2012029.

7.Ge Shuangcheng, Zhao Yonghui*, Cheng Yonggen. Detection and analysis of potential failure zone of Qiantang River sea wall after the new railway bridge construction[J]. Progress in Geophys, 2013, 28(4): 2148-2154, doi:10.6038.page20130460.

8.Zhao Yonghui, Wu Jiansheng, Zhang Pingsong, Xiao Pengfei. Approximate relationship of coal bed methane and magneticcharacteristics of rock via magnetic susceptibility logging[J]. Journal of Geophysics and Engineering201291):98-104doi:10.1088/1742-2132/9/1/012.

9.Zhao Yonghui, Jin Miao, Wu jiansheng. Quantitative Analysis on Pipelines from GPR Images Based on Improved Hough Transform[J]. IEICE Technical Report. 2011111(312): 31-36.

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Environmental and Engineering Geophysics(undergraduate course)

Behind the Geophysics(General education course for all undergraduate)

The secret under the sea(General education course for all undergraduate)

Engineering and Environmental Geophysics(postgraduate course)

Computer and Application in Geology(postgraduate course)

Digital image processing(postgraduate course)

Applied Geophysics(postgraduate course)

Academic Frontier of Near Surface Geophysical Prospecting(postgraduate course)


Teaching achievements

1. Teaching Book: Introduction to the Geophysics, Tongji University Press, 2017.

2. 2015, Tongji University Teaching Achievement Award Grade 2, Ranked No.2.

3. 2014, Tongji University Teaching Achievement Grand Award, Ranked No.3.

4. 2014, Tongji University Teaching Achievement Award Grade 1, Ranked No.2.


current students

MasterQin Tan, An Cong, Ying Yixiang

former students

MasterJin Miao, Feng Kunwei, Zhang Zaiyuang, Hu Shufan, Ding Zhaowei

DoctorSi Yongfeng


     1. 2014.12, China Highway Society of science and technology progress First prize (Research and Application of Integration Technology and Equipment for Mountain Highway Tunnel Disaster Warning) ;

2. 2010.12, Tongji University Excellent Internship Instructor

3. 2009.12, Tongji University Outstanding Young Teacher

4. 2006.4, Shanghai Science & Technology Progress Award Grade 3Study on Key Techniques of Tunnel Design and Construction for Upper and Lower Overlapped Tunnels in Shanghai Metro Line 2 Metro Project);

5. 2005.4, Shanghai Science & Technology Progress Award Grade 3Pipeline Trenchless Visualization Detection Software System and Its Application);

Serving on academic organization

2011.1.1-,Shanghai Geophysical Society Engineering Geophysical Committee, Deputy director.


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