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WANG Huazhong


Huazhong Wang  Professor

Office Ocean building 407


Email: herbhuak@vip.163.com


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji   University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


1997.06: graduate from Tongji UniversityPh.D

2002.02-2002.04:Karlsruhe universityvisiting scholar

2004.10-2005.11:Stanford universityvisiting scholar


2003.-School of ocean and earth sciences at Tongji Universityprofessor

1999-2003School of ocean and earth sciences at Tongji Universityassociate professor

Research interests

1.big data analysis and data analysis of exploration seismology

2.seismic wave theory

3.seismic wave migration and imaging

4.seismic wave inversion and imaging


1.seismic signal modelling and its application

2.high wave number parameter estimation based on media of exploration seismic and characteristic seismic wave field

3. research on gradually linearization method of characteristic seismic wave field

4.The anisotropic layer depth velocity model and depth domain multi shot encoding imaging technology

5. Research on Imaging and Velocity Modeling Technology in Depth Domain of Complex Area

6.Prospective Basic Research on Exploration Geophysics in 2012-2018

7.Research on Efficient Three-Dimensional RTM Azimuth Collection Generation Method

8.Study on inversion and modeling method of near-surface velocity in wave theory first break tomography

9.Development of Software Subsystem for Isotropic and Anisotropic Media (RTM)

10.Application of image deconvolution in image domain least squares imaging and high resolution processing

11.Research and application of seismic migration imaging and inversion imaging frontier technology

12.Research on Multiple wave Suppression and High Precision Processing Technology

13.Software Integration Service Contract for Accurate Imaging and Resolution Improvement of Medium and Deep Seismic Waves

14.Study on velocity inversion technology of reflected wave tomography in three-dimensional imaging domain

15.Study on Establishment Technology of Velocity Model in Piedmont Zone

16.Research and Application of Vibroseis Harmonic Separation and Utilization Method

17.Random sampling, compression and regularization of seismic data based on compressed sensing

18.Research on Image Processing Technology in Seismic Automatic Imaging

19.Study on Inversion Method of Scattered Velocity Tomography Based on Gauss Wave Packet

20.Research on Inverse Time Migration Imaging Method of TTI and ORT Media Anisotropy

21.Research on Least Square Prestack Depth Inverse Time Imaging Technology in TI Medium


2016.01-2018.11A list of periodical papers:

1.Bo Feng, Huazhong Wang, and Ru-Shan Wu (2018). ”Automatic traveltime inversion via sparse decomposition of seismic data.” GEOPHYSICS, 83(6), R659-R668.

2.Jiangtao Hu, Junxing Cao, Huazhong Wang, Xingjian wang, xudong jiang, Simultaneous separation,interpolation and tube wave suppression of vertical seismic profiling using matching pursuit based sparse beam forming.Journal of seismic exploration 27, 117-135

3.Jiangtao Hu, Junxing Cao, Huazhong Wang, Shaoyong Liu, and Xingjian Wang3D traveltime computation for quasi-P-wave in orthorhombic media using dynamic programming. GEOPHYSICS, VOL. 83, NO. 1 (JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018); P. C27C35.

4.Jianping Liao, Songyuan Fu, Yungui Xu, Weibo Li, Jianxiong Chen, Huazhong Wang, Suping Peng, Andrew Hursthouse. (2018) Application of 3-D FKK Filtering in 3-D High-density Onshore Seismic Field Data. Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics 23:3, 369-376.

5.WU Chengliang,ZHOU Yang,HU Jiangtao,WANG Huazhong,SUN Rong. Efficient generation of reverse time migration angle gathers. Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum, 2018, 57(3): 404-418

6.Liu, Shaoyong & Gu, Hanming & Tang, Yongjie & Han, Bingkai & Wang, Huazhong & Liu, Dingjin. (2017). Angle domain common imaging gather extraction via Kirchhoff prestack depth migration based on traveltime table in transversely isotropic media. Journal of Geophysics and Engineering. 15. 10.1088/1742-2140/aaa149.

7.Liu S, Gu H, Yan Z, et al. Q-compensated beam migration with multiscale Gabor transform[J]. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2017, 143.

8.Hu J, Cao J, Wang H, et al. First-arrival traveltime computation for quasi-P waves in 2D transversely isotropic media using Fermat’s principle-based fast marching[J]. Journal of Geophysics & Engineering, 2017, 14(6).

9.Yang Zhou, Huazhong Wang, 2017 Efficient wave-mode separation in vertical transversely isotropic media. Geophysics, v. 82, i. 2, p. C35-C47

10.Sun Weiqiang, Wang Huazhong, Fu Qiongbei. CLEAN algorithm for spatially directional spectrum estimation and its application in seismic data processing. OGP, 2017, 52(1): 20-26.

11.LI Hui,WANG Huazhong,LIU Shouwei. A velocity tomography algorithm based on Gaussian beam. Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum, 2017, 56(1): 116-125

12. Li Hui, Yin Junfeng, Wang Huazhong, Liu Shouwei, Liu Taichen. A scatterer imaging method based on Gaussian packet. OGP, 2017, 52(2): 273-282.

13. LI Hui, YIN Jun-Feng, WANG Hua-Zhong .2017.Velocity inversion method with reflection travel-time based on Gaussian packet.Chinese Journal Of Geophysics,60(10): 3916-3933,doi: 10.6038/cjg20171020

14. XU Wen-Jun, YIN Jun-Feng, WANG Hua-Zhong et al .2017.Automatic estimation of stacking velocity based on sparse inversion.Chinese Journal Of Geophysics,60(7): 2791-2800,doi: 10.6038/cjg20170724

15. CAI Jie-Xiong, WANG Hua-Zhong, CHEN Jin et al .2017.Traveltime tomography in the image domain based on the Gaussian-beam-propagator.Chinese Journal Of Geophysics,60(9): 3539-3554,doi: 10.6038/cjg20170921

16. WANG Huazhong,HU Jiangtao,GUO Song. Theory and method of least square prestack depth migration and imaging. Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum, 2017, 56(2): 159-170.

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18.Sun Weiqiang and Wang Huazhong2016, Water-Layer-Related Demultiple Method using Constraints in the Sparse, Local Tau-p Domain. Journal of Seismic Exploration,25:463-483

19. Zhang Meng, Wang Huazhong, Sui Zhiqiang, Wang Xingmou, Zhang Yunyin. Seismic instantaneous frequency extraction based on empirical mode decomposition and wavelet transform. OGP, 2016, 51(3): 565-571.

20. SUN Weiqiang,WANG Huazhong. Water-layer related multiple suppression based on plane-wave coding. Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum, 2016, 55(4): 516-523.

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22. DUAN Xinbiao,WANG Huazhong,BAI Yingzhe,WANG Lixin,ZHANG Huiyu,HE Ying. 3D one-way wave equation prestack depth migration from topography based on the acceleration of GPU. Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum, 2016, 55(2): 223-230.

23. CAI Jiexiong,WANG Huazhong,WANG Lixin. Azimuth-opening angle domain common-image gathers from 3D Gaussian beam migration. Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum, 2016, 55(1): 76-83.]

24.Hu, Jiangtao, et al. Efficient amplitude encoding leastsquares reverse time migration using cosine basis.Geophysical Prospecting(2016).

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26.Wang, Xiongwen, Jianliang Qian, and Huazhong Wang. Efficient angle-domain common-image gathers using Cauchy-condition-based polarization vectors.Geophysics81.2 (2016): S69-S77.

2016.01-2018.11Overview of conference papers

1.Jiangtao Hu, Huazhong Wang, Frequency dependent complex traveltime computation in TI media with weak attenuation using, [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2018

2.Fei Luo, Huazhong Wang, Automatic first-breaks picking algorithm under the constraint of image segmentation, [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2018

3.Ruyi Zhang,Huazhong Wang, Pre-stack frequency-dependent viscoelastic fluid factor inversion and application in Shengli, [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2018

4.Song Guo, Huazhong Wang, Absolute acoustic impedance estimation with L1 norm constraint and combined first and, [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2018

5.Bo Feng, Huazhong Wang,Higher-order Rytov modeling for strong perturbation and long range propagation, [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2018

6.Song Guo, Huazhong Wang, Image Domain Least-Squares Migration with Hessian Estimated by Non-Stationary Matching Filters, [C]// 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2018

7.Meng Zhang, Huazhong Wang, LSRTM in Visco-Acoustic Medium on GPU Clusters and Its Application on 3D Land Datasets, [C]// 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2018

8.Chengliang Wu, Huazhong Wang, Nonlinear Optimal Stacking for Enhancing Pre-Stack Seismic Data, [C]// 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2018

9.Bo Feng, Huazhong Wang, Automatic Reflection Tomography, [C]// 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2018

10.Fei LuoHuazhong Wang, n improved method for picking instantaneous traveltime[C]//2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

11.Chengliang Wu*, Huazhong Wang, Full 3D double square root migration method for VTI media and its application in real data[C]//2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

12.Lang Li, Huazhong Wang, Seismic events enhancement on the seismic image based on anisotropic diffusion equation, [C]//2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

13.Hui Li, Huazhong Wang, Chengliang Wu,Extended model imaging based on Gaussian packet.[C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2017:4706-4710

14.Yang Zhou* , Huazhong Wang ,Ray+Kirchhoff inversion based RTM imaging condition with implicit directional wavefield decomposition.[C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2017:4443-4447

15.Chengliang Wu*, Huazhong Wang, Yang Zhou,Efficient RTM angle gathers based on structural tensor. [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2017:4473-4477

16.F. Luo*, H. Wang, T. Wang.An Iterative Optimization Strategy for Traveltime Picking Using the Instantaneous Traveltime. [C]// 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2017:Tu P7 05

17.J.T. Hu*, J.X. Cao ,H.Z. Wang, 3D Traveltime Computation in Orthorhombic Media Using Layer-by-layer Wavefront Marching. [C]// 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2017:Th P1 04

18.Wenjun Cao*, Bingtao Wei, Huazhong Wang,An adaptive method to estimate S-wave velocity and rock modulus. [C]//2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

19.Song Guo*, Huazhong Wang,Seismic Reflectivity Estimation with Phase-Corrected Wavelet and Sparsity Constraint. [C]//2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

20.Chengliang Wu*, Huazhong Wang,Efficient RTM angle gathers using a hybrid method. [C]//2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

21.Tianzhen Wang, Huazhong Wang.DSR equation based 3D pre-stack migration for wide azimuth dataset.[C]//2017 CGS/SEG International Geophysical Conference

22.W.J. Cao, H.Z. Wang, H.Z. Li , Z.C. Li.A Modified Generalized S Transform Method and its Application. [C]// 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2016:Th STZ0 15

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25.Y.Zhou, H.Z. Wang. Efficient wavemode separation in anisotropic media part1 separation operators[C]// 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2016

26.W.Q. Sun, H.Z. Wang.Unified Suppression of Surface-related Multiple and Ghost in Local Plane Wave Domain. [C]// 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2016 : Tu P4 10

27.H. Li, H. Wang, J. Yin, S. Guo. Background Velocity Inversion with Scatter Gaussian Packet. [C]// 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2016 : Tu P7 13

28.S. Guo, H.Z. WangAnelastic Medium Seismic Reflectivity Estimation With L1 Norm and Bregman Iteration.[C]// 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2016 : Tu P7 04

29.Bo Feng, Huazhong Wang, Wenjun Xu, Junfeng YinAutomatic stacking velocity estimation using sparse pseudo-orthogonal Radon transform. [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2016:5339-5343

30.Huazhong Wang ,Characteristic wave inversion imaging and solutions of seismological & geological problems in Chinese typical exploration areas. [C]// Seg Technical Program Expanded. 2016:4868-4872



Numerical Analysis and its application(undergraduate course)

Seismic wave migration and inversion imaging(postgraduate course)

Modern signal analysis(postgraduate course)

computational geophysics(doctoral course)


Updates will be posted on the personal home page:http://ocean.tongji.edu.cn/space/wanghuazhong/

Planned enrollment:

Admission requirements: 2 doctoral students and 2 master's students

Collaborative enrollment: 2 doctoral students and 2 master's students

current students

MasterWanyi Zhu, Ruilin Wang, Shen Sheng,

DoctorSong Guo, Fei Luo, Chengliang Wu, Peng Xu, Liqi Zhang, Fu Wang, Bohan Zhang

former students

MasterTang Yaxun, Li Weibo, Ren Haoran, Zhang Yuanqiao, Gong Ting, Feng Bo, Zheng Xiaopeng, Zhang Bing, Wang Xiongwen, Liu Shaoyong, Hu Jiangtao, Cheng Leileilei, Zhang Meng, Tang Xianggong, Zhou Yang, Luo Heng, Fang Shuai, Chen Yunfeng, Liu Taichen, Lingyue, Huang Na, Hu Xin, Dujuan, Jiangbo, Wang Xiaowen, Wang Yongqiang, Liu Peiqiang, Fu Qiongyan, Wu Chengliang, Wang Peiyao, Wang Zhenyao, Wang Tian and Li Lang

DoctorRen Haoran, Li Yanpeng, Feng Bo, Zhao Lei, Hu Jiangtao, Wang Xiongwen, Li Hui, Liu Shaoyong, Zhang Bing, Cai Jiexiong, Sun Weichang, Zhou Yang, Zhang Meng and Duan Xin Biao and Cao Wenjun


1.pioneer of geoscience, 2005, special award

2.scientific and technological advance of Sinopec, 2004, second prize

3. scientific and technological advance of Shanghai, 2003, second prize


Serving on academic journal

1.Journal of Geophysics and Engineering》、《Petroleum geophysical exploration》、《Geophysical Prospecting for Petroleum》,magazine editor

2.Journal of Geophysics,Geophysicsand Other MagazinesSpecial Reviewer

Serving on academic organization

1.2014-: SEG representative of 11th section

2.member of SEG,EAGE

3.Member of Academic Committee of SINOPEC Key Laboratory of Geophysical Exploration

4.Senior Research Consultant of Seismic Wave Inversion Imaging Technology of Sinopec Petroleum Geophysical Research Institute (Nanjing)


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