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Tangyan Liu  Professor

Office Ocean building 402


Email: tyliu05169@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji   University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


1980.09-1984.8Jianghan Petroleum Institute, Field Geophysics, Bachelor;

2000.09-2003.8University of Science and Technology of China, Solid Geophysics, Ph.D;


2009.11-PresentSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Professor;

2005.8-2009.11School of Ocean and Earth Science, Associate Professor;

2003.7-2005.8School of Ocean and Earth Science, Post Ph. D;

1998.11-2000.8South-West Petroleum University, Associate Professor;

其中,1998.11-1999.5Visiting Scholar, University of Waterloo, Canada;

1993.2-1998.11Lecturer, Southwest Petroleum Institute;

Research interests

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Mechanism and NMR logging Applications

Rock Conductive Mechanism and Logging modelling and Interpretation;


Study of Rock Conductive Structure and Fluid Saturation Estimation in Oil reservoirFund number, 41476027, 2015.1-2018.12; 112 Million Yuan, Liu Tangyan;

Study of rock pore structure and fluid identification based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging, Program Number: 2006AA06Z214;2006.12-2009.12,840000 yuan, National 863 Program, Liu Tangyan, Zhong Guangfa;

Study of Logging Fine Evaluation in Shale Oil Reservoir, 2018.1-2019.6, 1.09 million yuan,

Enterprise Entrustment program, Liu Tangyan;

Study of rock conductive mechanism in complex reservoir and Comprehensive analysis of NMR data, 2018.2-2018.6, 398000 yuan, Liu Tangyan;


33. Tianzhi Tang, Tao Lu, Haining Zhang, Liming Jiang, Tangyan Liu, He Mengand Feifei WangElectrical characteristics of rocks in fractured and caved reservoirs,Journal of. Geophysics and Engineering,Vo.14 (2017): 1437–1444 (8pp);

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3.Liu Tangyan, Yan Jun, Classified Methods of Rock Wettability and Log Interpretation, Well Logging Technology, V.22 (4), p: 247-249;

Works and Patents

 Works, Liu Tangyan, Zhang Haining, Shi Yujiang, etc., Evaluation Technology and its Applications of Reservoir pore Structure,  Petroleum Industry Press, 260000 words, 2016;

Invention Patent, A method of decomposition and synthesis of spin echo signal in the condition of Pseudo Water Saturation, Liu Tangyan Wu Long, Xue Miaomiao, Wang Hongtao,2016.08.11,China, 201310418890.3;

Invention Patent: A new method and device to determine saturation of residual water, Hu Falong, Liu Tangyan, Li Chaoliu, in the progress of Essential Censor and Declaration, China, in the progress of application, China, 2015103916584.



  Applied Geophysics II, Logging Part,Bachelor,

  Borehole Geophysics,Bachelor;

  Principles of NMR and Logging Technology,Master;

  Principles of Logging methods and their number Simulations, Master Ph. D;


  current students


  DoctorMeng He

  former students

  MasterHuang Yuanfeng, Wu Long, Xue Miaomaio, Pan Haojie, Wang Feifei;

  DoctorWang Hongtao

Serving on academic organization

20166, Part-time Professor, Southwest Petroleum University;

20176月,Scientific Consult in Niumag Technology Company.


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