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WANG Benfeng


Benfeng Wang  Researcher


Office Ocean building 409


Email: wbf1232007@126.com


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and   Earth   Science, Tongji University, #1239 Siping Road, Yangpu   District, Shanghai   200092, China


2012.09-2015.07: China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Geological Resources and Geological

Engineering, Ph. D

2010.09-2012.08: China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Earth Exploration and Information technology,

M. Sc

2006.09-2010.07: China University of Petroleum (East China), Information and Computing Science, B. Sc


2018.02- Current, Tongji University, Researcher

2016.01-2018.01: Tsinghua University, Postdoc

2013.12-2015.02: University of California, Santa Cruz, Visiting Scholar

Research interests

1. Seismic data high resolution processing

2. Seismic data interpolation

3. Non-linear parameter estimation based on Transmission matrix


       1. Anti-noise and anti-aliasing pre-stack seismic data interpolation (41604096), 2017.01-2018.12, 150 Thousand, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Principal

       2. Research on efficient simultaneous interpolation and denoising for complicated data based on sparse transform (2016M590102), 2016.05-2917.12, 80 Thousand, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Principal


Journal Papers:

(1)Wang B., Lu W.*, An efficient amplitude preserving generalized S transform and its application in seismic data attenuation compensation: IEEE Transaction on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, 2018, Online.

(2) Wang B.*, Gu C., Comparison of the Projection Onto Convex Sets and Iterative Hard Thresholding methods for seismic data interpolation and denoising: Exploration Geophysics. 2018, Online.

(3) Wang B., Jakobsen M., Wu, R.S., Lu W., Chen X.*, Accurate and efficient velocity estimation using Transmission matrix formalism based on the domain decomposition method, Inverse Problems, 2017, 33(3), 035002.

(4) Wang B., Lu W.K.*, Accurate and efficient seismic data interpolation in the principal frequency wavenumber domain: Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 2017, 14(6): 1475-1483

(5) Wang B., Wu R.S., Chen X.*, Deghosting based on the Transmission matrix method: Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 2017, 14(6): 1572-1581.

(6) Wang B.*, Chen X., Li J., Cao J., An improved weighted Projection Onto Convex Sets method for seismic data interpolation and denoising, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (J-STARS) , 2016, 9(1), 228~235.

(7) Wang B.*, An amplitude preserving S-transform for seismic data attenuation compensation: IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2016, 23(9): 1155-1159.

(8) Wang B.*, An efficient POCS interpolation method in the frequency-space domain: IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Letters, 2016, 13(9): 1384-1387.

(9) Wang B., Wu R-S., Chen X.*, Li J., Simultaneous seismic data interpolation and denoising with a new adaptive method based on dreamlet transform, Geophysical Journal International, 2015, 201(2): 1180~1192.

(10) Wang B., Chen X., Li J.*, A novel method for simultaneous seismic data interpolation and noise removal based on L0 norm constraint, Journal of Seismic Exploration, 2015, 24(2): 187-204.

(11) Wang B.*, Wu R-S., Geng Y., Chen X., Dreamlet-based interpolation using POCS method, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2014, 109: 256-265.

(12) Wang B.*, Chen X., Li J., Inversion based data-driven attenuation compensation method, Journal of Seismic Exploration, 2014, 23(4): 341-356.



Li J., Wang B., Chen X., Wang S., Liu G., Ma J., A seismic data interpolation and denoising method and system, 2017.06.06, China, ZL 201510023262.4


1. Oct, 2017, Youth Science and Technology Award of Liu Guangding in Geophysics, Geophysical Science Foundation of Liu Guangding.

2. Jun, 2016, Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

3. Jun, 2015, Outstanding graduates of Beijing, Municipal Education Commission in Beijing.



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