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FU Qiang


Qiang Fu  Professor

Office Ocean building 610


Email: fuqiang@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China

  1. Education

1994.09-1997.07: Chengdu University of Technology, petroleum reservoir geology, Ph.D

1986.09-1989.07: Chengdu College of Geology, Petroliferous region Sedimentology,M.Sc

1982.09-1986.07: Chengdu College of Geology, Oil and gas geology exploration,B.Sc

  1. Employment

1999.08- Present: School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, Teacher

2004.02—2004.07:  School of Geoscience,University of Sydney, Visiting scholar

1997.10-1999.08: Department of Marine geology and geophysics, Tongji university, Post-doctoral

1989.07-1994.09: Petroleum Geology Department of Chengdu University of Technology, Teacher

  1. Research interests

1. Sequence stratigraphy and petroliferous region Sedimentology

2. Conventional and unconventional reservoir geology

  1. Projects

1.Quantitative Study of Sedimentary Micro-facies and Diagenesis of Chang 6 Reservoir in Hua-qing Area, (NO. 2016ZX05050). 

2017.09-2019.09. Project funds 1.185 million. Supporting projects of national science and technology major projects, Project 


2. The Research of Recognition Mode and Seismic Reflection Characteristics of Cenozoic Igneous Rock Geological Body in 

Bohai Oilfield. 2015.06-2016.12. Project funds 1.198 million. Project of CNOOC Tianjin branch, Project Leader;

3. The Research of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Regular Pattern and Exploration direction of Huanghekou Sag (Second Phase), 

(NO. 2011ZX05023). 2011.01-2014.12. Project funds 1.3 million. National science and technology major projects, Project 


4.Characterization of Three-dimensional Space Configuration of Sandstone Body of Chang 8 Reservoir, Yanchang Formation, 

Longdong demonstration area. (NO. 2011ZX05044). 2012.06-2014.06. Project funds 1.8 million. National science and 

technology major projects, Project Leader;

5. The Research of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Regular Pattern and Exploration direction of Huanghekou Sag, 

(NO. 2008ZX05023). 2008.01-2010.12. Project funds 1.5 million. National science and technology major projects, Project 


6. Sequence Stratigraphic Division and Favorable Facies Prediction of Mesozoic Yanchang Formation in Longdong Area. (NO. 

2008ZX05044). 2008.01-2010.12. Project funds 0.8 million. National science and technology major projects, Project Leader;

  1. Publications

       Papers: Published 61 academic papers in various Domestic academic journals

1. Yang Hua, Fu Qiang, Qi Yalin, et al. The Paleontology Phase Zones and Its Geological Significance on the Late Triassic 

Yanchang Stage Palaeo-lacustrine Ordos Basin [J].Acta Sedimentologica Sinica.2006, 34(4):688-693.

2. Fu Qiang, Liu Binbin, Xia Qinglong. Characteristics and Migration-accumulation Directions of Sulfur-rich Oils in BZ35/36 

Structures in Huanghekou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin [J]. Acta Petrolei Sinica. 2013, 34(1):37-46.

3.Fu Qiang, Li Yi. Characteristics of Slope Breaks and Its Implication on Petroleum Geology in Yanchang Formation Chang6 

(Late Triassic) of Ordos Basin [J]. Acta Sedimentologica Sinica. 2010, 28(2):50-54.

4. FU QiangLIYi, et al. Evidence of the transgression lake of the Subei basin during Late Cretaceous and Paleocene and its 

geological significance [J], Frontiers of Earth Science in China. 2008, 2(1):114-119.

      Monographs: have published 3 monographs

1. Fu Qiang, Petroleum Geological dynamics of the Fractured Bedrock Reservoir. Geology Press, 2002, Beijing.

2. Qiu Xuming, Liu Yurui, Fu Qiang. Stratigraphic Sequences and Sedimentary Evolution of Subei Basin During Cretaceous-

Lower Tertiary, Geology Press, 2006, Beijing

3. Yang Hua, Fu Qiang, Fu Jinhua. Stratigraphic Sequences and Hydrocarbon accumulation characteristics of Ordos Basin During 

Late Triassic, Geology Press, 2007, Beijing

  1. Teaching


Subsurface Geology of Oil and Gas Fields(undergraduate course)

Advanced Petroleum Geology(postgraduate course)

Reservoir Geology(postgraduate course)

Advance in Petroleum Geology(doctoral course)

Conventional and unconventional reservoir geology(doctoral course)

Teaching achievements

Won the teaching achievement encouraging prize, ranked second in 2014 Tongji University curriculum construction project: 

Geological comprehensive practice in Chaohu area.

  1. Students

current students

MasterGong Ning; Chu Zhigang; Xu Zheng; Li Jing; Huang Jianling

DoctorZhao Shijie

former students

MasterLi Linxiang; Cao Guoyin; Wu Xuelin; You Yuchun; Wu Xiaoguang; Ye Maolin; Li Yi; Chen Haizhou; Sun Xitian; Lv Miaomiao; Guo Tao; Fu Xiaowei; Jin Yan; Dong Zuhua; He Yanbing; Zhang Bing; Xia Yan; Ding Linlin; Yun Tianlin; Feng Dianliang; Huang Shaoxiong

DoctorMa Wenrui; Liu Binbin; Fu Ning

  1. Awards

1.1999: Third prize in Series of teaching awards of Tongji university (certificate)

2.1996: Third prize of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Geology and mineral resources (certificate)

3.1996: Fourth prize of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Geology and mineral resources (certificate)

  1. Serving on academic journal

  1. 2015.10.30-Present: editorialboardmember of Fault-Block Oil and Gas Field

  1. Serving on academic organization

1.2016.10-Present: Director of the Shanghai Petroleum Society

2.2013.11-2016.10: Member of the expert committee of China Association of Oceanic Engineering, Marine resources development branch

3.2012.09-2016.09: Member of the 8th Petroleum Geology Specialized Committee of China Association Petroleum Geology


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