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YANG Fengli


Fengli Yang  Professor

Office Ocean building 515


Email: yangfl@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


1997.03-2000.03Ph.D  Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Major : Basin analysis and continental margin tectonics.

1995.03 -1997.03M.A.  Tongji University , Shanghai, China

Major : Applied geophysics

1980.09 -1984.07B.S.  University of Petroleum , Dongying, Shandong, China

Major : Applied geophysics


2000.07 –presentProfessor, School of Ocean & Earth Science, Tongji University.

1984.08 –1995.02Petroleum engineer, Shengli Oil Field, Sinopec.

Research interests

1.Tectonics and Petroliferous basin analysis

2. Precambrian geology research


1.Paleo-Continent Reconstruction and Distribution of Meso-Neoproterozoic Prototype Basins,China,Item Number:2016YFC0601000,2016.07-2020.06,1800Million,National Science and Technology,principal:Fengli Yang

2.Mesozoic-Cenozoic rifting basin formation mechanism and petroleum and natural gas response in Taiwan Strait,Item Number:No.41541027,2016.01-2016.12,21.6Million,National Narural Sclence Foundation of China, principal:Fengli Yang

3.Mesozoic and Paleozoic petroleum and natural gas geology integrated research in south yellow sea basin,Item Number:2011ZX05023-003-003,2011.01-2015.06,850Million,National Science and Technology, principal:Fengli Yang

4.Mesozoic and Paleozoic marine facies basin's foramtion, evolution and evaluation of oil and gas selection in lower yangtze-south yellow sea,Item Number:2013NO.107,2013.05-2014.05,50Million,China Geological Survey Petroleum and Resource Research Center,principal:Fengli Yang

5.integrated geophysics interpretation in Laoshan Rise,Item Number:[2010]052010.05-2011.05,280Million,Investigation and Evaluation of National Oil and Gas Resources Strategic Constituency,principalFengli Yang

6.deep sea petroliferous basin integrated evaluation system and integrated evaluation technology,Item Number2006AA09A101-0202-01,2006.06-2010.12,60Million,National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), principal:Fengli Yang

7.Mesozoic and Paleozoic marine facies basin's formation,evolution and petroleum potential analysis in lower yangtze district, Item Number:YPH08035,2007.01-2009.12, 570Million,Sinopec Corp.,principal:Fengli Yang.



 1.Ni Bin,Yang Fengli,Li Xiao,Yu Peng,Evolution of metamorphic rocks under the Cretaceous sediments in northern South Yellow Sea. Journal of China University of Mining & Technology,2016,Vol. 45(3):534-542. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

2.Yang Fengli#, Zhou Zuyi, Zhang Na, Liu Ning,and Ni Bin, Stress field modeling of northwestern South China Sea since 5.3 Ma and its tectonic significance, Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 2013, Vol. 32(12):31–39.

3.Yang Fengli#, Gao Dengliang, Sun Zhuan, Zhou Zuyi, Wu Zhe, and Li Qianyu, The evolution of the South China Sea Basin in the Mesozoic–Cenozoic and its significance for oil and gas exploration: A review and overview, in D. Gao, ed., Tectonics and sedimentation: Implications for petroleum systems: AAPG Memoir 100, 2012,397–418.

4.Wu Zhe, Xu Huaizhi,Yang Fengli, and Shao Lei, Lithospheric Extension in the Northeastern South China Sea: Constraints from Structural Modeling. Geotectonica et Metallogenia ,2014,Vol. 38(1):71-81. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

5.Yin Feng, Yang Fengli, Ye Fang, Wu Zhe, Wu man, Late Sinian-Middle Ordovician the Prototype Basin Characteristics of Passive Continental Margin in Lower Yangtze. Earth Science- Journal of China University of Geosciences, 2013,Vol. 38 (5):1061-1072. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

6.Zheng Naoying, Yang Fengli, Zhao Wenfang,Identification and forecast on the distribution of igneous bodies in the central uplift of the South Yellow Sea Basin. Offshore Oil.2013, Vol. 33(1):33~37. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

7.Yang,Fengli #, Zhao Wenfang, Sun Zhuan et al., 3D Seismic Sedimentology of Nearshore Subaqueous Fans – A Case Study from Dongying Depression, Eastern China, Advances in Data, Methods,Models and Their Applications in Geoscience,Dongmei Chen (Ed.),In Tech, 2011,125-138.

8.Sun Zhuan, Yang Fengli, Zhang Na, Wang Zixuan, Wang Wenyan, Advances in study of triple junctions. GEOLOGICAL REVIEW, 2012,Vol. 58(6):1133-1143. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

9.Wu Zhe,Yang Fengli, Zhong Jialiang, Zhong Guangjian,Analysis of Lithospheric Extension and Post-rift Subsidence in Taixian Basin. Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science), 2012,Vol. 40(11): 1730-1736. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

10.Wu Man,Lu Shenqiang,Yang Fengli,Zang Men,Seismic Identification of Micro-Facies of  Fan-delta Base on Pseudo-Wave Impedance Inversion in Luojia Area. Computing Technioues for Geophysical and Geochevical Exploration, 2012,Vol. 34(3): 16-22. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

11.Yang Fengli#,Xu Xi,Zhao WenFang and Sun Zhuan,Petroleum accumulations and inversion structures in the Xihu Depression, East China Sea Basin, Journal of Petroleum Geology, 2011,Vol. 34 (4):pp429-440.

12.Bao Hanyong,Yang Fengli,Wang Danping,Yu haixiao,Wu Zhe,Geochemical Characteristics of Sedimentary Rock in Southern Jiangsu Province On Mesozoic and Paleozoic: A Perspective from the Shengke-1 Well. Journal of Jilin University (Earth Science Edition), 2011,Vol. 41(1):29-38.ISSN 1671-5497. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

13.Xu Xi,Yang Fengli,Zhao Wenfang,Analysis of characteristics of upper hydrocarbon play of Mesozoic-Paleozoic marine group,Lower Yangtze region,OFFSHORE OIL,2011, Vol. 31(4):48-53. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

14.Zhao Wenfang,Yang Fengli,Zhuang Jianjian,Analysis of the tectonic characteristics of Mesozoic-Palaeozoic in the middle uplift of the South Yellow Sea[J].Reservoir evaluation and Development,2011,Vol. 1(5):6-13. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

15.Yang Fengli#,Wang minxue,Zhuang Jianjian,Wu Zhe,Wu Man,Kinematical processes of inversion structure and its contribution to hydrocarbon accumulation in Xihu Depression of East China Sea Basin,2010,Vol. 31(4):596

601. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

16.Zhuang Jian-jian,Yang Feng-li, Zhao Wen-fang,Tectonic Characteristics and Numerical Stress Field Simulation in Indosinian-Early Yanshanian Stage, Lower Yangtze Region. Geological Journal of China Universities, 2010,Vol. 16(4):p475-482. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

17.Wu Zhe,Yang Fengli,Wu Jianxun,Tectonic Modeling Constraints on Lithospheric Characteristics of the Qiongdongnan Basin. Geological Journal of China Universities, 2010,Vol. 16(4):p5-10. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

18.Bao Han-yong, Han Guang-min,Yang Feng-li, Zhu Jing-chang, Zhou Zu-yi,Clay Mineral Analysis of the Early Triassic Tempestites,Lower Yangtze Region,Jour nal of Jilin Univer sity(Earth Science Editio n),2010,Vol. 40(4):947-954. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

19.Yang Fengli#, Yu HaixiaoZhang QinglinLi Qianyu, Correlations between Shortening Rate, Uplift Rate, and Inversion Rate in Central Inversion Zone of Xihu Depression, East China Sea Basin. Journal of Earth Science, Vol. 20(4): p. 699–708, August 2009.

20.Yang Fengli,Wu Jianxun,Dong Liangguo,Seismic Forward Modeling and Its Response of Dolomite Peleokarst Reservoir in Tazhong Area of China,Journal of Tongji University(NATURAL SCIENCE),2008,Vol. 36(12):1724-1729. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

21.Yang Fengli,Chang Bo tao,Yu Kaiping,Lü Bing quan,Relationship between dynamic f ields and hydrocarbon accumulation in buried hill of Zhuanghai area,Acta Petrolei Sinica,2006,Vol. 27(4):50-53. ISSN 0253-2697. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

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28.Yang Fengli,Zhou Zuyi,Yin Xingyao,Prediction of Meander ing Stream Sandstone Bodies Using the Artificial Neural Network Technique,Journal of Tongji University,1999,Vol. 27(1):46-50. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

29.Yang Fengli,Zhang Shan wen,Cai Juhong,Yin Xingyao and Wen Zheng.Research on sedimentary faeies,logging faeies and seismie facies of meander sand body and its Predietion : an example of Chengdao area in south Bohai Sea .OGP ,1999, Vol. 34(2):171-179. (in Chinese, with English abstract).

Major Publications

1. Composite Pertroleum System Analysis on Non-marine Sedimentary Basins: A Chengdao Perspective, YANG Feng-li and ZHOU Zu-yi, 2000, Petroleum Industrial Press, pp.137.

2. Reservoir Formation Damage – Fundamentals, Modeling, Assessment and Migration, 2002, Faruk Civan, Gulf Publishing Company. Translated into Chinese by YANG Feng-li, et al., Petroleum Industrial  Press, 2003, pp 505.



Petroleum and Natural Gas Geology(undergraduate course);

Seismic Data Comprehensive Interpretation(postgraduate course);

Basin Analysis(doctoral- postgraduate course).


 current students

 MasterXinyu ZhouErkang QiuRuiqing Yang.

 DoctorPanpan HuRuoyu ZhangXiaofeng ZhouYuyang Hu.

 former students

 MasterShengwei GaoShangqian PengYuehua GaoKaiping YuQing WangLixin ZhuDonghong SongFawei LuHaisheng ChengFang YeFeng YinJianxun WuMinxue WangHaixiao YuJianjian ZhuangMan WuZhe WuWenfang ZhaoXi XuZhuan SunNa ZhangNaoying ZhengMin XuXiangli HaoNing LiuFujie WangBin NiChunyu XieHua ChenYujian LiDan QiuXiao LiWeilin Lin.

  1. Awards

 1. Awarded the title of 2016 year Shanghai March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesette.

 2. Deep sea petroleum geophysics integrated investigation and its application, China Association of Oceanic Engineering, First prize in Marine Engineering Science and Technology Award.

 3.Excellent Doctorate dissertation awarded by Shanghai Commision for Academic Degrees, 2002,Title: Composite Petroleum Systems in Chengdao Area.

 4.Stratigraphic sequences, depositional systems and reservoir predictions in Neogene sediments at the eastern segment of the Jiyang depression, (3rd author)The second place of CNPC award for science and technology progress, 1996.

 5.The Artificial Neural Network and reservoir predictions (3rd author)The third place of CNPC award for science and technology progress,1996.

 6.Outstanding youth award for science and technology, Shandong Province, 1996.

 7.Reports on the newly increased reserves at Chengdao oilfield (first author),The first prize from the State Mineral Reserves Commission, China ,1994.


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