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Tengfei Wang


Tengfei Wang  Assistant Researcher

Office Ocean   building 412


Email: wang.tengfei0221@gmail.com


Mailing   AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji   University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China


2011.09 - 2017.06Tongji University, Solid GeophysicsPh.D

2007.09 - 2011.06Tongji University, Geophysics, B.Ss


2019.07 - : Tongji University, assistant researcher.

2017.07 - 2019.07: CGG APAC Research department (Singapore), researcher.

        2016.03 – 2016.06: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, visiting student

Research interests

1. Seismic modeling, imaging & inversion. Including the seismic migration, velocity model building with Tomography and full waveform inversion.

      2. Deep/Machine learning in seismic exploration. 


Wencai Xu, Tengfei Wang, and Jiubing Cheng, 2019, Elastic model low-to-intermediate wavenumber inversion using reflection traveltime and waveform of multicomponent seismic data: Geophysics, 84(1), R109-123.

Tengfei Wang, Jiubing Cheng, Qiang Guo, and Chenlong Wang, 2018, Elastic waveequation-based reflection kernel analysis and traveltime inversion using mode decomposition: Geophysical Journal International, 215(1),450–470.

Tengfei Wang and Jiubing Cheng, 2017 , Elastic full waveform inversion based on mode decomposition: The approach and mechanism: Geophysical Journal International ,209(2), 606 622.

Jiubing Cheng, Tengfei Wang, Chenglong Wang, and Jianhua Geng, 2012, Azimuth preserved local angle-domain prestack time migration in isotropic vertical transversely isotropic and azimuthally anisotropic media: Geophysics, 77(2), S51-S64.

Cheng J B, Kang W, Wang T F, 2013, Description of qP-wave propagation in anisotropic media, Part I: Pseudo-pure-mode wave equations: Chinese J. Geophys. (in Chinese), 56(10).


Outstanding graduates of Tongji University in 2017


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