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Cao Jiantao


Jiantao CaoPostdoctor

Office Ocean building 319


Email: caojt19@tongji.edu.cn


Mailing AddressSchool of Ocean and Earth   Science, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China



2010.09-2014.06 Hubei Universitygeographical science majorB.Sc

2014.09-2019.06 Lanzhou Universityphysical geography majorPh.D


2019.06- : Tongji University, post-doc

Research interests

Organic geochemistry and paleoclimatic research

Source and distribution of molecular biomarkers and its responding to climate and environment


        1. Cao Jiantao, Rao Zhiguo, Jia Guodong, Xu Qinghai, Chen Fahu, 2017. A 15 ka pH record from an alpine lake in north China derived from the cyclization ratio index of aquatic brGDGTs and its paleoclimatic significance. Organic Geochemistry 109: 31-46. (SCI-2)

        2. Rao Zhiguo, Guo Wenkang, Cao Jiantao, Shi Fuxi, Jiang Hong, Li Chaozhu, 2017. Relationship between the stable carbon isotopic composition of modern plants and surface soils and climate: A global review. Earth-Science Reviews, 2017, 165: 110-119. (SCI-1) 

        3. Li Yunxia, Rao Zhiguo, Cao Jiantao, Guo Wenkang, Gao Yongli, 2017. Highly negative oxygen isotopes in precipitation in southwest China and their significance in paleoclimatic studies. Quaternary International 440: 64-71. (SCI-3)

        4. Shi Fuxi, Rao Zhiguo, Cao Jiantao, Huang Chao, Wu Dandan, Yang Wen, Sun Weizhen, 2019. Meltwater is the dominant water source controlling α-cellulose δ18O in a vascular-plant-dominated alpine peatland in the Altai Mountains, Central Asia. Journal of Hydrology 572: 192-205. (SCI-2, top journal)

        5. Rao Zhiguo, Huang Chao, Xie Luhua, Shi Fuxi, Zhao Yan, Cao Jiantao, Gou Xiaohua, Chen Jianhui, Chen Fahu, 2019. Long-term summer warming trend during the Holocene in central Asia indicated by alpine peat a-cellulose δ13C record. Quaternary Science Reviews 203: 56-67. (SCI-1)

6. Rao Zhiguo, Wu Dandan, Shi Fuxi, Guo Haichun, Cao Jiantao, Chen Fahu, 2019. Reconciling the ‘westerlies’ and ‘monsoon’ model: A new hypothesis for the Holocene moisture evolution of the Xinjiang region, NW China. Earth-Science Reviews 191: 263-272. (SCI-1)



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